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It all starts with the volunteers.... Volunteers are the backbone to the Booster Club organization, and an integral part of the amount of support that the boosters can offer the students at Crow.  


We need everyone working together in order to continue offering support to the Crow Applegate Lorane School District. 


With fundraising, volunteer support, upkeep for facilities, fields, equipment, transportation, technology and scholarships, the Crow Booster Club has the potential to have a lasting effect on our community for generations to come.  

It is our goal and mission as a Booster Club to help fund and enhance the overall experience and opportunities for students, academically, athletically, and as a part of this community.


High School/Middle School Board

HS/MS Director: 

HS/MS Treasure: 

HS/MS Secretary: 

Applegate Elementary School Board

Elem Director: 

Elem Treasure: 

Elem Secretary: 

2017-2018 Crow Booster Club Executive Board

Find Us....

Elementary Group Meeting: 1st Wed of the month, 6:00 pm

HS/MS Group Meeting: 1st Wed of the month, 6:00 pm

General Meeting: 2nd Wed of the month, 6:00 pm

      (to address executive board)

Follow Us....

We would greatly welcome any participation from those in our community, whether by giving financially to Crow Schools, by supporting and participating in a school district event, or simply by showing up to a student's game, performance, or extracurricular activity. 

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